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Dec 01 2015

Real Estate: Bond-Like Income Meets Equity-Like Growth

Commercial real estate may be viewed in financial terms as a hybrid of the characteristics of bonds (the existing lease obligations) and equity (the right to release the property after the existing leases expire).

Mar 21 2013

Practice Essentials: Understanding Canadian and U.S. REITs

Traditionally, real estate has been an illiquid asset class. However, publicly traded property stocks, including real estate investment trusts (REITs) and real estate operating companies (REOCs), allow investors to gain exposure to real estate without sacrificing the liquidity benefits of listed equities or exposing them to the burdens of owning physical property.

May 31 2012

Practice Essentials - Accessing Real Assets through Equities

S&P Practice Essentials Series is a curriculum based, educational program covering selected financial markets, asset classes and indexing concepts.

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