Smart Beta

Like cars, some stocks can offer smoother rides than others.
Hear two perspectives on the appeal of smart beta approaches, what drives their performance, and their applications.
Momentum, despite a 200+ year history, is still misunderstood. Find out how adjusting for risk in momentum strategies could potentially impact results across markets and asset classes.
Smart beta strategies are well established in equity. How does fixed income fit in?
Historically, there have been lower correlations between factors than between asset classes. How can diversification-seeking investors apply this finding to their own portfolios?
Find out if one of the greatest anomalies in finance holds up across regions.
Take an historical look at the evolution of factor-based investing as a strategic theme that can be applied across asset classes.
In what market conditions have the most common risk factors thrived in the last 20 years?
Has the low volatility anomaly disappeared?
Got yield? Find out what you need to know before choosing a dividend index.
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